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The Foot Tap for Guitar. Why and When!

Everyone tells you to do it, but no one explains how! Is it necessary to tap your foot to play guitar? No! That doesn't mean however that it's not beneficial to be able to do so. Most guitarists think they can do it. My experience with students says that most of them are very very wrong (See today's challenge below for a good basic test). Even if it's not necessary to tap the foot while playing guitar, possessing the ability to do so shows that you fully understand the music you're playing! Or to turn that around, lacking the ability to do so shows that there are things in the music you're playing that you do not fully understand. Make no mistake, the foot tap is one of the most powe

How to Deal with Stumbling Blocks on Guitar!

Get moving on guitar today! Fed up bashing away at guitar and getting nowhere fast? Let's change that right now! Taplature will give you a new way forward. Since creating Taplature in 2007 I've used it in lessons for over ten years now with unfailing success and this blog will show you the best ways I've found to get the most from it! In this, the first article here on the Taplature blog, we'll start with a simple example, the sort of thing I've seen regularly causing students problems over the years. Before Taplature it used to be a real headache trying to help them, but never since! Click to play. The challenge is to build on the foot tap, viewing that as the foundation of everything

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