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"Why Doesn't Everyone Teach Like This?"
(A page about Taplature and me!)

Hi, I'm Paul Swanson of, guitar teacher in Warwick, UK for 22 years, veteran of 1,000+ gigs and creator of Taplature back in 2007.  I've grown from a guitar player taking his first unsuccessful steps in teaching to a specialist in helping frustrated guitarists of all levels.  Since starting using Taplature with students 12 years ago,  I've never found anyone who didn't improve fast, once they were ready and willing to follow simple instructions.

That's what I'm offering here on the Taplature website; foolproof, easy to follow, step by step instructions to get you moving past your problems, no matter how long they've been standing in your way!  We can use Taplature to successfully address just about any challenge on guitar, whatever the level, or style!

My approach to teaching has changed beyond recognition since discovering the benefits of Taplature.  It's paid off though ... one intermediate student who'd been failed by multiple previous teachers asked me in amazement a while back,

"Why doesn't everyone teach like this?"

paul swanson guitar tutor

Bikerlott Festival with the Sam Powell Blues Band (Aug 2017)

I use Taplature daily in lessons with students of all levels as well as for my own practice after 34 years of playing (click to see me practising what I preach!).  This approach puts you face to face with exactly what's blocking your progress on guitar, and with no way of brushing it under the carpet!

Throw the endless hours of mindless repetition away!  They don't work!  Using Taplature we go looking for elegant solutions to clearly defined problems as well as monitoring progress to make sure things are working.  We replace hope with expectation .... and fast results!  Practise less, improve more!

The free introduction, "Discover Taplature" and blog lessons will get you understanding the difference between what you're currently doing and what the players you admire are doing.  The Taplature forum is there for you to bring any questions to and get free 1-1 tuition for any problem you might have on guitar.  You can even start your own practice journal in there to get free guidance and watch yourself improving over time!

  Subscribe here and wave goodbye to guitar frustration today!  It's all free!

A Way Forward for Everyone!

Say goodbye to guitar frustration with Taplature!
blues lick for guitar with foot tap and count

Taplature is the easy to follow, step by step approach to learning guitar.  It gives you the "glue" most are missing that makes playing easy and which runs through the veins of strong players! Enjoy seeing the music you love getting easier in the quickest time possible!

Tommy Emmanuel  guitar lesson Day Tripper

Taplature is the simple way to deal with hard stuff on guitar!  Here's Tommy Emmanuel's "Day Tripper"!

Click image for lesson in

the free Taplature blog.

Remove the mystery of singing and playing guitar at the same time!

Anyone can master even the toughest challenges,

 whether strumming ...

The Letter gutar lesson - Boxtops
Suspicious Minds guitar riff plus foot tap

... or playing an intricate guitar part!

It's easy when you learn it with Taplature!

The free primer, "Discover Taplature" (45 page book plus 20 minute video) shows you exactly how to use the hidden power of Taplature to master even the most advanced guitar music.

Start seeing things you've always struggled with quickly becoming easier than you ever imagined possible!   

16th note foot tap pattern for guitar - free lesson
triplets with count and foot tap for guitar

Problems?  Learn how to turn them into  easily mastered bite-sized loops that even beginners can quickly master!

Zoom in and start spotting the details you've always missed until now.  Practise less, improve more!

We'll be monitoring progress all the way to ensure your practice is paying off!


See clearly what works for you, and just as importantly, what doesn't.  Save days, weeks, months and even years of guitar frustration!

travis picking with count and foot tap on guitar

Get moving on guitar today with Taplature!

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