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Start working with Taplature right now!  You can make your own or download this PDF containing 4 blank A4 sized Taplature sheets suitable for most popular music.


4 beats in straight time (4/4 ... most rock and pop)

4 beats in Swing time (4/4 swing) (most other rock and pop)

6 beats in straight time (6/8) (eg. House of the Rising Sun)

3 beats in straight time (3/4 waltz time) (eg. Norwegian Wood)


Each page has four lines of Taplature and space for a title.  This is exactly what I've used with unfailing success in lessons for over ten years. 


With the methods, tricks and techniques clearly explained and demonstrated in the blog you'll soon be digging deeper into your gutar playing than you ever imagined, and seeing the resulting improvement!

Taplature Starter Pack. Four Taplature sheets suitable for most popular music

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