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New Starter - Top Tips for Next 3 months
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Paul Davis
Sep 23, 2020
Hi John. I am really pleased that you are still enjoying the thrill of learning something new, and the fact that you feel you have really kicked on is brilliant, as there must be some tangible and I guess audible difference in your playing. I will try the Dummer's Pulse site tonight when i pick up my guitar. I have tried using the metronome on Guitar Tuna app, and also on garage band, but as my timing is a bit like British Rail (there's one for the kids) then I have found it a hinderance as much as a help. I found it useful when trying to get the "gap" for the missing down strum in D-DU-UDU but when I set it to play along to say Purple Rain, ('cos its slow), I find myself fighting it a bit. I should probably try and listen to more music, as I'm sure that can help too. I have never studied music, or played an instrument (not even a recorder), so it's all a bit of an enjoyable struggle at the moment, but the fact I can play 8 more chords than I could 9 months ago means at least some of it is getting through :). I am hoping that Paul will send me the silver bullet by e-mail, and I'll be transformed into Glen Frey quicker than you can say "New Kid in Town". Or more realistically help me kick on a bit :) I will try and record myself over the weekend, but never having done it, I was wondering if it's better to use an external mic ( I have one for Zoom ) or just to try and sit close to the computer ? Thanks for all your advice, encouragement and other kind words,

Paul Davis

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