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Paul Davis
Sep 22, 2020
In The Woodshed Diaries
Hi, my kids bought me a 50 quid acoustic guitar from amazon for Christmas, and I have been trying to practice 20-30 minutes a day since then. From other online guitar sites I have learned to play the open chords and can bumble my way through some simple transitions. Rather than spending money on new kit to make me better :), I thought I'd pay for some lessons. My goal is to be able to play a few recognisable songs by the one year anniversary. I can play a few single note versions of stuff like Ode to Joy, Happy Birthday, White Cliffs of Dover etc.. but I would like to play some other stuff all the way through, currently working on Hotel California, Purple Rain and Wonderwall. As I work full time and have other commitments, I do not get as much practise time as I would like, I want to start practising smarter (focussed) rather than dipping in and out of random youtube videos. Any top tips to help me over the next few months would be greatly appreciated - thank you.

Paul Davis

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