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how to practice guitar effectively with
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The Taplature Library

An ever-growing collection of your favourite guitar riffs, licks, rhythm parts and solos, presented in easy-to learn Taplature!

In the interactive table below you'll find a collection of Taplature examples built over the years during my online Skype lessons. Sort by any column/category (larger screens only), scroll through or use the search bar to find a song of interest; then click the song name to open.

Anything in the Taplature format not making sense? Check out the
Taplature Blog/Free Lessons for a push (it's all covered in depth there!)

The Taplature Library Best Free Tabs with Rhythm.JPG

Any queries/problems?
Any requests you'd like to see added to this collection?

Join me in the Taplature forum!


Old Swanner.

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