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How to improve at guitar ... forever!

100% Free 1-1 Guitar Tuition?

Sounds too good to be true? Not with Taplature!

Taplature is my labour of love! Join me in the Taplature forum and I'll make it my mission to get (and keep) you moving on guitar with free 1-1 tuition for anyone prepared to share their progress (and struggles) on guitar - any style, any level!

Who else wants the fastest progress on guitar guaranteed with free pro-level 1-1 tuition?

"... your lessons always seemed so awesome ( I thought they were good but didn’t realise until I tried a bunch of other teachers throughout uni that I’d actually already started with the best teacher)."

TS July 2018 (1st Class Honours Degree in Popular Music and a student of mine from age 9-16)

Struggling beginners on guitar, "no-hopers" and "hard-gainers", perennial intermediates, stagnated long-time players, frustrated guitarists of all levels and anyone simply looking for a better way forward.

If you've learned the hard way that "keep doing it and you'll get it" isn't always true and you're ready for something different that works, for everyone, every time, then turn yourself in ASAP to Sheriff Tappy!

Join me (and Tappy) in the Taplature forum for free 1-1 tuition and guaranteed progress on guitar! Any style, any level.

Here's How it Works!

Start your own thread in this section of the Taplature forum and it will be my pleasure to guide you forward for free with tried and tested, easy to follow, step by step instructions using Taplature getting you moving swiftly past your problems on guitar.​

If you're happy to post videos of your problems, practice and progress I'll make sure you improve ... fast! I'll post videos of my own in response along with the best of my 24+ years' teaching experience to keep you moving forward.

All the way my able sidekick and the world's finest cartoon guitar teacher Tappy will be on hand with easy to digest, bite-sized challenges and words of wisdom to help you practise the things you can't (yet) do in a way that you can!

Your fast progress on guitar ... guaranteed!

The aim is to showcase the power of Taplature in addressing just about any challenge you can imagine on guitar and over time I hope to build an encyclopedia of guitar practice success spanning all styles and levels!

My remit will be to keep you supplied with the next step you'll need to take on the way to your goal and to ensure you're understanding things and practising in a way that you'll progress as expected.

I'll do everything I can to fulfil my end of things and while there's no commitment whatsoever required on your part I intend to get you addicted to the fast improvement Taplature offers to keep you coming back for more!

Get moving on guitar today!

There's no catch. You get free, personal, pro-level 1-1 tuition offering the fastest progress possible; Tappy and I get a documented proof of the power of Taplature!

If you're not improving at guitar, Tappy's not happy!

Join us in the Taplature forum!

Old Swanner.

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