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How to *Really* Learn a Riff: Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog"

Timing, bending, semiquavers and more! In this blog post and accompanying video I run through the standard problems that crop up regularly when working through the guitar riff from Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" with students in lessons. There's a big difference between memorising the notes that make up a guitar part and *really* getting them learned. You'll know that already if you've ever tried playing something that's weak in front of other people. My recommended method shows you how to make things strong enough to hold up in any situation! Here's the video ... Black Dog Lesson - Timing and more! Click to play The issues raised in the video are not only relevant to this particular riff but

Caught in a Trap? How to sing and play guitar at the same time!

Here are some quotes from the comments left on Justin Sandercoe's popular video How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time on Youtube. I've corrected a few spelling mistakes. - "I've been playing for about 1 year and the song I want to sing I can play with my eyes shut and in the dark though the second I start (to) sing I lose it :(" - "you can't teach this to someone" - "Still having problems in singing and playing at the same time! :-( Is it possible for every guitar player?" - "I'm not a beginner but not I'm not Hendrix either and I just can't play some songs and sing! It's the rhythm I think? My brain can't seem to do both..That said I can play Stairway and sing at the same time! S

Tommy Emmanuel's "Day Tripper"

Eight beats a week! Today's challenge will keep both your mind and fingers busy for a while. Tommy Emmanuel's version of "Day Tripper" was brought to my attention recently by a student looking to learn it and I've enjoyed digging in at home myself to get the key section shown below burned in. Feels out of reach? Keep reading! Patterns like this can remain off limits for a lifetime, however if approached in the manner described below using Taplature, I'd expect most looking at this for the first time to be able get it running within a week! The man himself! Here's Tommy Emmanuel talking about and demonstrating his version of Day Tripper (starting at 0:55). He describes creating it as "one

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