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How to Get Better at Improvising Guitar!

Giving it some stick with the Sam Powell Blues Band (2017) 33 years of playing and 20+ years of teaching tell me that what comes out when we improvise is comprised only of the musical ideas we possess which have a certain level of strength or above. I call this our "improvisational vocabulary". If you're one of those who goes completely blank when called upon to improvise (or is reduced to tentatively throwing out a few scale notes) then it's likely you could use some more! To add to our improvisational vocabulary we need to be able to move musical ideas into this arena of strength and from my experience I'd say this is something most struggle to do. In layman's terms we need to not just

Semiquavers, the Clap and the Foot Tap!

Excerpt from "Crash Course in Taplature" (free to download for all subscribers) Here's my favourite way to introduce semiquavers on guitar, without a guitar! I'll ask the student to put down their instrument and try the following clapping challenge. There are 8 claps (one per foot movement) evenly spaced across the following bar so the sound made is quavers (8th notes). The first challenge is to tap the foot as shown and clap (X) each time the foot moves either up or down. It often takes a few tries before they get the feel, a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy but with a bit of coaxing most can soon do this quite easily. Next we add the requirement to count as shown while

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