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Hotel California: Slow and Close Up!

Learn how to practice this epic guitar solo played by Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh on The Eagles' most famous track with this slow (30bpm) run-through written up in Taplature! This is a remake of a video I first posted in 2007, one of my first on YouTube. Getting views was easier back then and it racked up one and a half million hits in its first 2 years. For some reason YouTube then deleted it, claiming copyright infringement even though it was just me and my guitar running through the solo at a musically unrecognisable snail's pace. Here it is again but this time enhanced with Taplature!

There's not really here anything that a decent intermediate player shouldn't be able to cope with, especially when armed with the Taplature approach. Of course getting the right notes out in the right timing is only the first stage of mastering this one; once it's there we can ask (and keep asking) the question "Does it sound the way I want it to?" As ever, pull out any problem sections and tackle them "Million Pound Challenge" style until they're individually up to speed. Hopefully the video makes it all clear but please post any queries in the comments below! Enjoy! Old Swanner.


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