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Introducing ... the Taplature Library! Improve Your Timing on Guitar.

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A place of learning and improvement

It's Here! The product of many years' typing, in and out of private lessons, here's a comprehensive exposition of Taplature in action, bringing ease of access to playing all your favourite songs! Finally see all the too-often-overlooked details that make up not just this unique collection, but, ultimately, just about any piece of music!

Yours for Free!

Just navigate via the Taplature menu bar to the Library page on this website and you'll find an easily searchable (and fully sortable on larger screens) collection of riffs, licks, strum patterns with lyrics and even full guitar solos laid out in glorious Taplature, putting your focus on rhythm, timing and technique. Or click the thumbnail below to take a look:

And There's More!

As with anything Taplature-related, bring all your queries or problems to the Taplature forum where, if you're happy to join me, I'll be on hand to walk you through getting the most from this new addition to the website or anything else you're interested in on guitar. Anyone can improve their guitar rhythm, timing and technique fast when their practice is good. I'll also be more than open to any requests to have your own favourites added to the collection so we can make sense of anything that feels like it's been outside your reach for a while.

See you there!

Old Swanner.


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