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Start building your finger independence on guitar today with these 37 carefully compiled tests.   Beginning with the simple finger lift and fire you'll move through increasingly challenging patterns such as Finger Stepping and Finger Leapfrog towards the more demanding Double Chromatic, Spider Two-Step and by the end, the pinnacle of finger independence challenges: Chromatic Octaves!


Each test comes with ample space to keep comprehensive records of your progress (or otherwise).  Keep a note of the date and your current top speed over time and you'll see clearly what's working (and what's not) to improve your fretting hand strength, control and speed!  You'll soon hear the difference in your playing too as the physical side of your playing becomes easier and easier!


What's more, to ensure you get maximum benefit from this collection I'll be on hand with free 1-1 advice in the Taplature forum!   Start your own practice journal and watch yourself progressing ... fast!


Tried, tested and consistently successful over the last 15 years in both my private lessons and in my own practice here's a comprehensive way to take stock of your left hand technique and to begin knocking down your physical barriers on guitar today!

Building Finger Independence. The Holy Grail for Guitarists!

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