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A stalwart in lessons for many years.  The CAGED system for guitar explained at your fingertips.  Map out chords and scales anywhere, change keys in an instant, see all the shapes available.  Lay chord cards on top of scale cards to help understanding. 


Includes printouts for fretboard, headstock and 46 chord and scale cards with all C, A, G, E and D shapes to interlock together.  A true hands-on experience featuring all major & minor chords,  major & minor scales,  major and minor pentatonic scales,  dominant 7th chords plus dim and aug chords.


Click here for a demonstration of the Desktop Fretboard


Print off the headstock and fretboard sections, cut them out and stick them like I did to a piece of wood.  A quick wrap with some sticky back plastic is probably advised to guard against dirt/spillages and the fretboard itself is ready to go!.  The cards require a little more work, but whereas I made all 46 cards (major, minor, 7th, pentatonics etc.) in one extended sitting, you can just make up the ones you need as and when.


To make long lasting scale/chord cards, print out the templates, and glue to some thick card.  Once dry, use a sharp knife along a ruler to score and then pop out first the individual cards themselves, and then the white rectangles showing the relevant scale/chord pattern and you're done. Keep in a safe place!

The Desktop Fretboard - CAGED system for guitar demystified

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