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PDF of my personal "practice folder" for guitar.  See my progress up to and  beyond a number of long time barriers.


Blog post offering more information


Video of me flicking through my practice folder here



113 pages containing over four hundred guitar licks/patterns/

exercises/tests I investigated from 2007-2017, along with the record of my top speeds on them.  Whether Rock, Blues, Country or Jazz patterns, I approach them all in the same way.


This practice log includes the original manuscript of my infamous 4 note guitar speed test (see here), and measurements from my 2008 project to learn to play left handed. (see here).  It's a collection containing all the toughest challenges I've run into over the last 32 years (as well as many others), and offers a view into my way of attacking them.


As well as patterns relating to many famous solos, you'll see my own myriad creations, things I've never come across anywhere else such as the "Double Chromatic", the "Spider Two-Step", "Finger Leapfrog" and the "Hall of Pick", all of which I've used extensively in private lessons with students of all abilities.  There are also a number of examples showing me using Taplature in my own studies.


This is the record of how I got myself moving on guitar again following a ten year period of almost total stagnation!  A unique insight into the battles of a long time player.


Old Swanner's Practice Folder: Learn from my 10 years' practice. (113 page PDF)

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