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Transform your outlook on playing lead guitar today!

Here's how the pros view things. Packed full of ideas you've never considered which will transform your playing, starting today! A step by step walk through learning, playing and creating no end of smoking guitar licks, presented in Taplature and leading towards the real goal of building your own guitar style.


An "Aladdin's cave" of insights, tips and "lightbulb moments" you won't find anywhere else, all backed up by detailed video discussion and demonstration (includes 100 minutes of video, digging into all the ideas and examples presented to the level of detail that makes them easy ... fast)

Having taught 100s of students and 1,000s of lessons since 1997 I'm confident this book contains more than you've learned in your life so far for the same price as about 15 minutes of private tuition.

Comes with full, free 1-1 support for anyone prepared to share their struggles and progress in the Taplature forum!

Playing Lead Guitar: How it Works! Build Your Own Licks & Style on Guitar.

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