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Includes the 4 blank Taplature sheets in the starter pack plus ....


- Landscape versions for both straight and swung 4/4 time with twice the number of bars per page.  Perfect for writng out longer pieces!


- Taplature sheets with "benchmarking" tables to keep track of progress and see yourself improve! (4 sheets in total, one for each time signature).


- Prewritten strum pattern sheets letting you see how the words you want to sing fit with a basic "campfire strum".  The ideal tool to zoom in on issues with singing and playing together! and something I get a lot of use out of in lessons!  (4 sheets in total, two for straight with both 4 bar and 8 bar pages and two for swing).


14 separate printouts covering just about every use you could find for the power of Taplature!

Taplature Bumper Pack! All Taplature Starter Pack sheets plus much more!

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