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Here's how you get to be able to do it, for free!

How to Practice Guitar: "Secrets" of success!


Get moving on guitar today for free with Taplature! Welcome to the home of how to practice guitar!

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- If you never really got going on guitar

- If changing chords smoothly seems impossible

- If you're having trouble turning tabs and YouTube videos into music

- If you have problems playing guitar in time or with other people


- If you're stuck spinning your wheels and getting nowhere

 If you're struggling with singing and playing guitar at the same time

- If you're looking to get faster on guitar ... fast!

- If your lead work sounds like you're just running scales

- If you "crack" under performance pressure 


- If you keep learning new things on guitar but only to the same old level

- If you're stuck hoping, rather than expecting to improve 

- If you'd like to know for sure when your guitar practice is paying off

Whatever your style, level, age or talent, grab yourself a free tube of Taplature and get moving on guitar today!

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Easy to follow, step-by-step, 100% guaranteed progress for any style or level of guitar and it's all free!

how to practice guitar




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Get the "glue" that makes your playing strong ... fast!

Taplature is my labour of love! Join me here and I'll make it my mission to get (and keep) you moving on guitar via the free Taplature blog lessons and even free 1-1 tuition in the Taplature forum for anyone prepared to share their struggles and progress on guitar - any style, any level!  There's no catch, it really is all free!

As an introduction I'm also sending out the free package "Discover Taplature!" to all who subscribe to this website! What they never told you about how to practice guitar revealed!


Taplature works without fail in my private lessons with even the hardest gainers on guitar; now it's time to share it further afield!

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