How to Practice Guitar:

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Welcome to the home of how to practice guitar!  What's on your "to do" list today?

Wow, that's a lot ... but wait ... meet Tappy! If you're not improving at guitar he's not happy!
"Hi ... I'm Tappy.  What if I told you that you can practice all those things at the same time with Taplature, the easy to follow, step-by-step guitar method offering 100% guaranteed progress whatever your style or level and it's all free!
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Struggling beginners on guitar, "no-hopers" and "hard-gainers", perennial intermediates, stagnated long-time players, frustrated guitarists of all levels and anyone simply looking for a better way forward.

If you've learned the hard way that "keep doing it and you'll get it" isn't always true and you're ready for something different that works, turn yourself in ASAP to Sheriff Tappy!

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Make Tappy happy.  Discover Taplature and get moving on guitar today.  It's all free!

Get moving on guitar today ... for free!
Ready to make playing guitar easy?
Wave goodbye to guitar frustration with Taplature!

- If you never really got going on guitar

- If you'd like faster, smoother and easier chord changes

- If you have problems playing guitar in time or with other people

- If you're putting the work in but getting nowhere

 If you struggle singing and playing guitar at the same time


- If your guitar practice feels boring or frustrating

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- If you're having trouble turning tabs and YouTube videos into music

- If you're looking to get faster on guitar ... fast!

- If you keep learning new things on guitar but only to the same old level

- If you're stuck hoping, rather than expecting to improve 

- If your improvisation sounds like you're just running scales

- If you "crack" under performance pressure 

- If you have no idea whether your guitar practice is paying off

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A Feast of Taplature in Action!

22+ years *real* guitar teaching experience - yours for free!

Taplature is my labour of love ... the only method for guitar that guarantees progress every day, whatever your style, level, age or talent.  It's everything you'll ever need to know about how to practice guitar!

Join me here and I'll make it my mission to get (and keep) you moving on guitar via the free Taplature blog lessons plus the unique offer of 100% free 1-1 tuition with me and Tappy in the Taplature forum for anyone who's prepared to share their struggles and progress!

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As an introduction I'm sending out the free package "Discover Taplature!" to all who subscribe to this website! It's the bible of how to practice guitar effectively!


Taplature works without fail in my private lessons with even the hardest gainers on guitar; now it's time to share it further afield!

  To learn a little about me and to discover more about what Taplature can do for you click though below!  Any questions?  See me here in the Taplature forum!

Welcome to the home of how to practice guitar!
The only guitar method that guarantees progress for everyone, every day and it's all free!
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