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How to Improve at Guitar ... Forever!

Get Moving on Guitar Today With Taplature!

100% Unique, 100% Effective, 100% Free!

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Wow, that's a lot but wait ... meet Tappy! If you're not improving at guitar then he's not happy.

"Hi ... I'm Tappy.  What if I told you that you can practice all those things at the same time with Taplature, the easy to follow, step-by-step guitar method offering 100% guaranteed progress whatever your style or level?

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What's on your "to do" list today?

Welcome to guaranteed progress on guitar!

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Parisienne Walkways Fast Lick Slow and Close Up Gary Moore Guitar Lesson

Parisienne Walkways Fast Lick Slow and Close Up Gary Moore Guitar Lesson

Companion article/full lesson with tabs and more here: Ever tried playing this one? Here's the classic Gary Moore/Thin Lizzy Parisienne Walkways lick broken down in an easy to follow guitar lesson so that anyone can learn it! In depth-lesson with the camera up close and at a slow speed explaining the timing of this amazing fast lick. Special focus is on how to learn and play the 5:16 semiquaver sections. The cure for all your pulloff problems on guitar is also discussed. Presented in Taplature format, the lesson highlights the foot tap and count to let you understand the rhythm of this single bar which contains enough music to fill a whole article plus this 15 minute video! Anyone can learn the famous fast Parisienne Walkways lick this way. How long will it be until you can play it up to speed though? Then when you can, does it sound as good as Gary Moore? 00:00 Intro 1:00 Overview 01:34 Breaking it down: Beat 1 02:34 Breaking it down: Beat 2 03:56 Breaking it down: Beat 3 04:53 Understanding 5|16 semiquaver (16th note) rhythm/timing 07:01 How to practice and play 5|16 semiquavers (16th notes) 08:04 Breaking it down: Beat 4 08:43 Building it up: Beats 1 & 2 together 09:52 Building it up: Beats 3 & 4 together 10:39 Putting all 4 beats together for the full bar 11:43 Playing the lick in context 12:57 Thoughts and advice on how to practise 13:55 Taplature outro

25+ years *real* guitar teaching experience - yours for free.

Taplature is my labour of love ... the only method for guitar that guarantees you improve fast, every day, whatever your style, level, age or talent.  It changed my whole approach to learning and teaching guitar 16 years ago and it's everything you'll ever need to know about how to improve at guitar ... FOREVER!

Join me here and I'll make it my mission to get (and keep) you moving on guitar via the free Taplature blog lessons plus the unique offer of 100% free 1-1 tuition with me and Tappy in the Taplature forum for anyone who's prepared to share their struggles and progress with what you find toughest on guitar.

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Welcome to the home of how to improve at guitar fast ... forever!

The only website that guarantees progress for everyone, every day and it's all free!
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Taplature works without fail in my private lessons (click here for website) with even the hardest gainers on guitar; now it's time to share it further afield.

  To learn a little about me and to discover more about what Taplature can do for you click the red banner below! 

Any questions? See me here in the Taplature forum!

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