Oct 30

How Good is Your Technique?

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  • https://www.taplature.com/single-post/2019/09/04/Better-Public-Speaking-on-Guitar-Turning-Scales-Into-Music-1 I maintain that it's better to learn to use one basic scale well than to learn lots of scales badly. What do you think? Any problems with anything in this series? Join me here!
  • https://www.taplature.com/single-post/2019/01/30/Fix-Your-Strumming-Problems-Today Here's a thread for discussion of the "basic strum" and my approach to teaching it. Oh and let me know any famous songs you've found that use a basic strum, or melodies/riffs which use the same rhythm. It might make for an interesting resource one day! BTW if any of you are happy to share your progress or problems with this pattern here I'll be more than happy to throw out free advice to make sure you get it spot on!
  • Any thoughts or questions on this article? Post them here!
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