Nov 10

What a difference a day made


Playing with ideas for triad substitution over the changes Cmaj7 E7 D-7 G7.

What a difference a day made.solo clipmp3


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Welcome Little White Dog!


To anyone passing through I'll just say that LWD and I have a little history. He's here as a favour to me helping to get the Taplature forum off the ground and I'm expecting to return the favour by helping tidy up some mild timing issues I've spotted in his playing.


Ok, down to business! The chords you've outlined above don't seem to fit with what I'm hearing. Anyway I've zoomed in on a loop of the first two bars of the solo (with pickup note) which seem to match Cm7, F7.


Here it is drawn up in Taplature and our first aim will be to iron out any issues in this section.



what a difference a day made jazz guitar solo tabwhat a difference a day made jazz guitar solo tab


To my ear the note played on the third triplet of the top line, beat 4 is played notably early in your recording and I propose that what curing that issue entails will fill in a crack in your foundations which, once remedied for good, has beneficial effects elsewhere!



Over to you!


Could you post a 60 second loop of yourself playing round these two bars as written, along with a metronome or backing track? (If I've got the fingering wrong then feel free to stick with your preferred version)


A compilation of such loops at increasing speeds would be extra useful ... stress-testing things, let's say at 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150bpm. Don't worry about aiming for perfection; warts and all is ideal right now!


Your thoughts on what it takes/took to accomplish this would be revealing.



7 days ago

Well spotted, I was in too much of a hurry! It's Cmaj7 Eb7 D-7 G7. The Eb7 also subs nicely to C-. I'll give that a go in the next week or so.

6 days ago

I know you have a tough schedule right now. Hoping the sort of practice prescribed feels more like a place of peace than a treadmill!




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By way of example, and giving me a bit more practice on making videos like this ...



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